Sydney International Terminal (T1):

Chauffeur meeting point is located in the arrivals hall directly outside gates A or B (next to Travelex Currency Exchange) depending on your airline. Chauffeurs will arrive 20 minutes after actual flight landing time.

Sydney Domestic Terminal (T2):

As chauffeurs are not permitted to leave their vehicles under direction of the FAC, the Chauffeur meeting point is located on the footpath directly outside the door closest to Carousel #5. Chauffeurs will arrive 15 minutes after actual flight landing time.

Sydney Domestic Terminal (T3):

Chauffeur meeting point is at the bottom of the escalators adjacent to Carousel #5 in the Arrivals hall. Chauffeurs will arrive 15 minutes after actual flight landing time

Melbourne International Terminal 2:

Drivers will be waiting near the sign “Chauffeurs Meeting Point” which is a right turn to the Arrivals Hall once you exit the main door from customs. Drivers are not allowed to stand in the passage therefore they will wait for passenger’s right next to the “Yellow Yes Optus” shop directly to the left of the sign.

Melbourne Domestic Terminal 1 (Qantas Domestic):

Drivers will meet Qantas arriving passengers, after the actual flight arrival outside the Gloria Jean’s coffee shop. For passengers arriving from Gate 14 – 26, drivers will wait in front of Carousel 3.

Melbourne Domestic Terminal 3 (Virgin Domestic):

Drivers will meet Virgin Australia passengers in front of the escalator at Terminal 3.

Domestic Terminal 4 (Tiger Airways, Jetstar & REX):

Located at the far southern end of the terminal precinct (to the left when facing the front of the terminal), just past T3. Drivers will meet passengers arriving from Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Regional Express (REX) outside the cafe just at the bottom of the escalator

Residential/Office Addresses:

Chauffeurs will stop directly in front of the nominated address if possible. If parking restrictions apply and we are unable to stop directly in front of the address, we will stop as close as possible, or at the agreed pick up location advised at time of booking.


Airport Pickups:

The first 30 minutes after a flight lands is provided complimentary. Waiting time in excess of the complimentary period is then chargeable at the hourly rate applicable to the vehicle ordered and calculated in increments of 5 minutes.

Residential / Office / Hotel Pick Ups:

A 5 minute grace period is provided from the arranged pick up time to allow time to enter the vehicle. If this grace period is exceeded, waiting time is then calculated retrospective to the original booked time in increments of 5 minutes at the hourly rate appropriate to the vehicle.


Any Reservations cancelled within 2.5 hrs of the booked commencement time will attract full charge of the booked fare,

Out of area & Mini Coach Reservations:

(Reservations that at any time leave Sydney Metro Area and all 12 seater and up vehicle) reservations cancelled 48 Hrs prior to the booked commencement of the reservation will attract no charge, reservations cancelled within 48 – 12 Hrs prior to commencement of the reservation will attract 50% charge. Reservations cancelled within 12 hrs prior to commencement of
the reservation will attract 100% charge.

Child Restraints (applicable to NSW only)

Under NSW Road and Maritime Authority (RMA) regulation, child restraints is required to be fitted when carrying young children for vehicle less than 12 seats. Any vehicles larger than 12 Seats are not obligated to put children in the child restraints seat. Astra Chauffeur Drive may be able to provide child restraints if the prior arrangement is made at the time of booking at surcharge of $16.50 per child restraint.

If at any time you are unable to locate your chauffeur, you. Our staff will contact the chauffeur and connect you with them. Full charges, including applicable waiting time, will apply in all cases where passengers leave the appointed pick up location without contacting our office. must contact our office on 132121